Why Mo Abudu’s ‘Fifty’ is important

Why Mo Abudu’s ‘Fifty’ is important
November 22, 2015 Admin

Chude Jideonwo’s article titled; “Why Mo Abudu’s ‘Fifty’ is important” was featured in ‘Guardian Nigeria’.

You can read the full post here: https://guardian.ng/features/mo-abudus-fifty-important/



There is a reason Chimamanda Adichie’s Americanah resonates so heavily with many Nigerians in a way parallel to Half of a Yellow Sun. The latter (in film, a comparison would be Kunle Afolayan’s gorgeous October 1) spoke to a reality from our past, one that she forced us to engage in; thoughtfully, viscerally. The former however was more familiar, because we know the story. She weaved together an incredible contemporary narrative of the Nigerian elite existence, both at home, and in the Nigerian ‘satellite campuses’ of the United Kingdom and America.

This is something that the aforementioned Americans and Britons, gifted with everything from To Kill A MockingBird to random romcoms like The Other Woman, are used to seeing. Themselves. They see themselves daily. On large or small screens, reflected, dissected, instructed – correctly, adequately, with soul.


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