No pride in anti-gay Nigeria

No pride in anti-gay Nigeria
July 20, 2018 Admin

Chude Jideonwo’s article titled; “No pride in anti-gay Nigeria” was featured in ‘Mail and Guardian’.

You can read the full post here:



Unfortunately, this state-sponsored hate is set to continue. For while President Muhammadu Buhari, feckless as a whole, has shown a rare restraint in matters of sexuality rights, violence against LGBT people continues to rise.

The past year saw an increase in violence against sexual minorities, according to The Initiative for Equal Rights. Mental health problems among that grouping continue to mount. In the past year 70 people were arrested by the police in Lagos, where I live, for the flimsy non-crime of hosting a gay party. And almost 70 percent of the population still believes gay people don’t have a right to exist.


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