Kagame could be the next Mandela ― if he steps down

Kagame could be the next Mandela ― if he steps down
July 17, 2018 Admin

Chude Jideonwo’s article titled; “Kagame could be the next Mandela ― if he steps down” was featured in ‘Mail and Guardian’.

You can read the full post here: https://mg.co.za/article/2018-07-17-00-kagame-could-be-the-next-mandela-if-he-steps-down



In addition to this, he has supervised a long-standing regime of peace in his country, ensured security and stability and strengthened political and social institutions.

But it’s not all good news. Unfortunately, Kagame has refused to let go of power. Instead, he has supervised some of the most oppressive political spaces in Africa, silencing dissent with impunity, promoting a climate of fear, hunting down political opponents, intimidating rivals, muzzling the press and ensuring an electoral process that guaranteed a ridiculous 98% victory in last year’s elections.

In doing this, he has fallen down the same well-worn path of a number of African dictators, the totem of which is Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. Like Kagame, Mugabe began as the toast of the newly free nations, showing vision and sophistication, building bridges and institutions, expanding healthcare and education.


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